I just wanted to say, with a grateful heart, a profound thank you, for providing a community full of love and support. My time at Gather Together Yoga is a time of peace and calmness where I can just “be.” The instructors are all encouraging and very friendly. The studio provides a very important community where someone always smiles, a place where someone notices when you’ve been away, and a place to feel challenged to grow in your postures, balances, breathing, etc. I love that there is always options, alternatives, props, or suggestions for advancement. I love that you are encouraged to think of your body, your emotions, and your health while practicing. I highly recommend the studio!
— Erin M.

What an amazing studio! It’s just a gem. The owner is so personable, kind, and welcoming. She comes to many of the classes to deepen her practice and share in the love of yoga. It’s inspiring to see her dedication and energy she brings to the class. The community that the studio has attracted is wonderful as well. It’s a fabulous group of kind and welcoming people; it’s become a little yoga family. Moreover, the instructors are each so unique, knowledgeable and kind. Every class is totally different. Even if it’s the same style of yoga, each instructor has such a cool and different approach to it. I always feel excited for the class because there’s usually something new we’re trying. I think they studio is great for beginners and more experienced yogis. I highly recommend.
— Aimee B.

So happy to have found this place. I am a newby to yoga and was somewhat intimidated signing up for classes. From the moment I walked through the door I felt welcome and at ease. My first class was with Diedra and I was hooked. She is a positive light, patiently explaining postures and offering modifications if necessary. She had me hooked. I thought she was one of a kind-until I met Collin. The good vibes continued. I encourage my Santa Clara neighbors take advantage of this little gem hidden in our neighborhood. If you are looking for balance, acceptance, and peace be sure to give this place a try.
— Jami T

I was brand new to yoga when I started going here and immediately felt very comfortable and welcomed by the staff. I don’t have the perfect, Instagram yoga body at all and was nervous to step foot in a yoga class. The staff at GTY is wonderful at making sure all body types, ages & abilities are welcome and comfortable. The studio is beautiful and relaxing and I feel at ease every time I walk through the front door. I’ve been going several times a week now and love it! Highly recommend this yoga studio.
— Lynn M.

I started practicing yoga at Gather Together soon after they opened their doors. From the start I was thrilled to be in a peaceful, clean studio and have practices lead by knowledgeable teachers. The River Road/Santa Clara area has sorely needed this opportunity in such a convenient spot. The class leaders are fabulous on every level. I subscribe to the monthly unlimited yoga practice. I can attend my “usual” weekly practices and go to any extra classes on a whim. I’ve practiced yoga at several places in our city, as well as abroad, and this center offers it all! Love it!!!
— MJ G.

What a joy to be part of this studio. It’s an inclusive loving environment to start or continue a practice. I feel so lucky and grateful to have the encouragement and support of GTY.
— Theresa H.

I always wanted to learn yoga, but was intimidated by all the poses I had seen online. Now that I am a member of Gather Together Yoga, I am so impressed with the gentle invitations to try alternative poses if a current pose isn’t quite comfortable. When I speak with others before class, we all agree that we come out of class feeling better than when we entered. The combination of posing, breathing, and meeting my needs with props help me to accomplish my intentions for that session. I am NEVER intimidated here.

This is a friendly place to be and the instructors are knowledgeable and kind.
— Peggy C.

Best yoga class around, great instructors, nice studio, cool bell..lol
— Gina O.

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